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We do wedding receptions at an affordable price! For details call 513-328-1428.

Business to Business – Equipment Rental Plan for Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants

Please read below the business to business service for more information on our private events.

Have the need for karaoke or music videos? I have a new plan that can help your establishment become more successful! You can simply RENT OUT all my equipment, music, and karaoke for $200/month! I also have thousands of music videos that can be rented out for $35/month that includes literally HUNDREDS of premade playlists! Either plan INCLUDES free advertisement on my Cincy Productions website. All training for the karaoke and music videos is provided!


• Saves you money! Average karaoke gigs cost a bar anywhere from $150-$250 per gig. For $50/week you can HIRE your own staff to do the job and pay them by the hour! This will enable you to pay approximately $100 (depending upon your DJ’s wage) as opposed to the $150-$250 you would normally pay. In addition, you can bet that your own staff will be able to bring in a crowd!

• Music updates month to month (for regular music and karaoke)!

• Have as many karaoke nights as you wish! (Contains approximately 25,000 karaoke songs)

• Make your own playlists (from approximately 30,000 songs) that are consistent with the particular kind of music your crowd enjoys! Once the playlists are created, you just hit “play.”

• All software is VERY user friendly!

• Your establishment will be advertised on CincyProductions.com

• The music videos include literally 100s of pre-made playlists (80s/90s mixes and 2000s mixes) and work well to attract consumers for establishments with TVs! The music videos are updated to 2012 currently, and will be updated year to year on the 1st week of January.

• Unique Events! No need to hire a DJ for any type of unique event (trivia night, private parties, etc.). Again, this will save your business hundreds of dollars a week, depending on how often you have events.

Equipment includes:

a) HP Pavilion G6-2010nr model # B5R80U A# ABA
b) Laptop stand
c) TV to PC converter
d) 4 Karaoke Books with crate
e) Flat screen TV
f) TV stand
g) Microphone stand
h) 2 Sennheiser e835 microphones
i) Flash drive (for music updates)
j) Cables: rca cord, vga cord, HP power cord, TV to PC power cord, two 15 foot microphone cables
k) External hard drive with all music videos

You will need a PA system for this to work (i.e. mixer, amplifier, and speakers). Renting out music videos exclusively is also an option, for $600 / 6 months. If you are interested in having a karaoke night but do not have a house system, Cincy Productions provides the full service for $175.

Weddings, Private Parties, and Special Events

* For private events, Cincy Productions includes custom LED/laser lighting as well as wireless microphones for speeches, presentations, etc. that will be coordinated by your wedding DJ of choice! A free initial phone consultation is also a part of the package deals. The high quality equipment includes EV Electro-voice speakers for a jolting clean and crisp sound. Karaoke with a selection of 25,000 songs is also included if desired at no extra cost.

Relax and expect nothing less than an absolute thrilling night, as we tailor your music to your specific preferences.  Book us today!

We’ll be happy to assist with any or all scheduling eventualities