A Lesson in Organization / Our “expectations” for Clients


October 16th, 2013


It’s no surprise that many DJs in the business today are often unprepared, which can cause a catastrophic failure for a particular event, especially wedding receptions. It is vital to make check lists, prepared notes, and have a well maintained back up system on hand during each and every event. DJs in Cincinnati today often lack these essential precautions, which can spell disaster to a client. At Cincy Productions we ensure quality over quantity. For the events and consistent business we get, we ensure that everything is in line, from training DJs properly to “back-up” equipment on hand.

                Cincy Productions has grown from 1 full set of equipment to 4 in the last 5 years. We have back up laptops on hand for each gig, as well as speakers, cables, and any other electronic devices that are vulnerable for malfunction. We keep our music updated at all times, and stay on top of any necessary repairs need to be made. This is obviously costly, but 100% necessary. So as far as helping our establishments promote via flyers, etc., of course we will whenever it is necessary, however it is never an expectation that need be “expected” when business is running smoothly. The cost of providing the service itself is what we get paid for. Anything “extra” must be at the very least communicated to us.

  It’s imperative in the Cincinnati DJ service industry to be prepared, honest, and professional. We will not associate ourselves with clients in the bar industry that lack these traits- and believe us, they are out there! We will go above and beyond for an establishment at all times when treated fairly, but will not accept mistreatment. We, as a company, do not wish to be a part of any establishment that maintains a bad reputation due to poor management. Image is everything in this industry, so it’s essential to be associated with bars and clubs that “do good business.”

                Here are some ideas for “looking your best” in 2013. These days it’s all about the glamour and glitz. Here at Cincinnati Wedding Services (, we like to provide the latest wedding trends nationwide, as well as for Cincinnati weddings particularly. Cincinnatians are getting fancier, but “smarter”, keeping attire and props affordable. For more information, see what the celebs are up to at

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